18 Perfect Royalty Free Background Music for Games and Gamers

Royalty Free Background Music for Games

18 Perfect Royalty Free Background Music for Games and Gamers

Here is a list of some of the best royalty-free music for games and gamers:

  • “Won’t Look Back”- By Beauz & Momo
  • “Falling” by Diviners
  • “Perfect Score” by Stream Lofi
  • Clear My Head” by Ellis
  • “It’s Different” by Shadows ft. Miss Mary
  • “Upside Down” by Matthew Blake ft. Tyler Flore
  • “Adventures” by William Ekh ft. Alexa Lusader
  • “Wherever You” by Orhan Yilmaz
  • “Under Water” by Fareoh

18 Perfect Royalty Free Background Music for Games and Gamers

Here at Stream Lofi we know it’s important to have amazing gaming music that you can play on stream and not have to worry about getting a copyright strike or a DMCA takedown. That is why all our music is royalty free and you can use it in anything you want.

We wanted to give you a list of other tracks other than just ours so you can choose what is best for you and your gaming experience. Please keep in mind at the publishing of this article all these are currently copyright free, however; at times this can change if the producer changes their mind. If you want to be 100% safe you can always start with Stream Lofi as we will be copyright free forever (SpotifyYouTube).

Important: Please keep in mind as of the posting of this article all this music is copyright-free, at times this can change so please double-check. Keep in mind all Stream Lofi is copyright free and this won’t change but we can’t speak for others.

All numbered links are to YouTube.

1. “Won’t Look Back”- By Beauz & Momo [link]

This track is perfect for people who like to be active in games, as it sounds like something from an 80s movie montage or TV show opening credits sequence with the lead character on their way to face whatever challenges are ahead of them. It also offers some hope that no matter how bad things get, they can overcome any obstacle.

This song would work well in a scene where our hero needs motivation before entering into battle at the end of a long journey.

2. “Falling” by Diviners [link]

This song is more of a sad, longing song that would work well in the background for scenes where your character contemplates their past behind or leaves home. It also has some cool synths layered on top, giving it an otherworldly vibe and could be used with sci-fi games.

It might seem like it isn’t appropriate for battles, but we’ve seen many battle sequences set to slow music before, so why not?

3. “Perfect Score” by Stream Lofi [link]

This is another perfect royalty-free background music for gamers. The song is upbeat and has a motivating vibe. It has the perfect beat and tempo to get you going as a gamer. “Perfect Score” by Stream Lofi is perfect for all those about to take on tough levels where there will be several obstacles that can make them lose points.

4. “Clear My Head” by Ellis [link]

Perfect for gamers that need a quick break from the game and want to take a breather, Clear My Head by Ellis is an ambient track with a soothing, tranquil vibe that will help you clear your head. The song has a slight echo to it that makes you feel as if the song is all around you.

Clear My Head by Ellis works well in a scene where your character needs some peace and quiet before continuing on their journey. This track would also work well with linear video games, films, or books.

5. “It’s Different” by Shadows ft. Miss Mary [link]

Shadows and Miss Mary have just what you need with ” It’s Different ” The song has a fast-paced tempo that will get your blood pumping, so it would work well in any scene where the game requires some quick reflexes or timing.

The lyrics are uplifting and motivational as they sing about how we can overcome it no matter what life throws at us because everything is different every day. This track also works great for people who like sci-fi games or movies; think Star Wars galaxy far, far away type stuff.

6. “Upside Down” by Matthew Blake ft. Tyler Flore [link]

“Upside Down” will get you pumped up for intense battles. The song is very fast-paced and has a strong rhythmic beat that will get you moving as soon as the track starts playing.

The lyrics are about not being afraid of anything because it’s ok to be scared; just don’t let your fear stop you from going after what you want in life. This would work well with RPGs or FPSs where some scary enemies are lurking around every corner waiting to attack when least expected.

7. “Adventures” by William Ekh ft. Alexa Lusader [link]

This is another perfect royalty-free music for gamers. The song is motivational and energetic with a slightly melancholy undertone that will resonate with players on the verge of something big happening in their lives.

It also has some electronic elements layered over it, which make it seem like your character’s journey to wherever they’re going is as exciting as anything can be, even if they don’t know what awaits them there yet because everything is an adventure.

8. “Kill it Anyway”- StreamBeat Originals [link]

This instrumental is perfect for any game that’s taking the player on an epic quest. The song is made up of violins, drums, and electric guitar to provide a sense of urgency with some badassery mixed in for good measure. This track would be perfect as your final boss battle music or when you slay the dragon at the end of your journey.

9. “Demon”- StreamBeats Originals [link]

Another tremendous instrumental from StreamBeats Originals, this royalty-free music for games and gamers is perfect for those of you looking to create a dark, brooding atmosphere.

It’s filled with suspenseful string-like sounds that will leave your players on the edge of their seats as they wait in anticipation for what kind of horror awaits them around every turn. “Demon,” like many other StreamBeats Originals tracks, feels like it was made with the player in mind.

10. “Step Up”- Stream Lofi [link]

This track has a slightly more relaxed, laid-back sound, but will still get you pumped up for battle. The song has some rap and bass elements layered over the background, making it perfect for moments when your character needs an extra push of energy to keep going on their journey or in combat.

11. “Chill Lofi Hip Hop Beat” by Chill out Records [link]

This hip-hop beat is perfect for those of you looking to create an ambient or atmospheric environment. With a soft, xylophone-like melody and sparse drumbeat in the background, this royalty-free music will leave your players feeling at ease while they navigate their way through whatever it is that they’re doing on screen.

The track also has a jazz feel to it, which will help you make your players feel as if they’re going through a casual stroll.

12. “Migraine” by Ellis ft. Anna Yvette [link]

When you need a song to get your blood pumping before a big battle and add some intensity to the scene, Ellis’s “Migraine” is just what you need. The track is full of energy and has lyrics about how we all have challenges in life, but it doesn’t matter because there will always be another day when everything won’t feel so bad.

This song is perfect for games where the stakes are always high, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose because there will be another challenger who’s just as tough, so keep fighting.

13. NEFFEX – “Grateful “(Instrumental) [link]

If you are looking for something to play in the background of an intro sequence, this royalty-free music for games and gamers is perfect. This song will leave your players feeling grateful – ready to go on their adventure with a new sense of purpose and no fear about what lies ahead.

This track has some funky guitar licks that lead into a kind of heavenly chorus, which makes it feel like your character is in the presence of something divine.

14. “Under Water” by Fareoh [link]

This track will give your game a sense of nostalgia and beauty with its acoustic sounds combined with the voice of Fareoh. This song feels nostalgic, smooth, and would work well for any story or game where you’re trying to do your best to handle what life throws at you.

15. “Fall to Light” by Laszlo [link]

Laszlo’s “Fall to Light” is a song with lyrics that talk about being hopeful and not giving up no matter how bad things may seem because the sun will always rise again. It has an uplifting feeling, which would be great for games where you’re fighting against difficult odds but are determined to keep going until victory or death. This track would also work well for games where you’re trying to save the world.

16. “By My Side” by Acejax ft. Danilyon [link]

Want something that will make you feel like all is right in the world? Acejax’s “By My Side” does just that. This song has lyrics about staying strong because your friends and family are always there for you no matter what happens. This track would work well if you’re looking to add a little bit of joy to your game or story.

17. “Time” by No Copyright Beats (prod. Kyu Tracks) [link]

This track is perfect for those players who are about to embark on a long, arduous journey. With a dreamy soundscape that would make Sigur Ros very proud and a sense of anticipation as they wait to see what’s happening around every corner, this royalty-free music will have your players excited to take on whatever awaits them with no hesitation in their step. This song has old-school hip-hop feel to it, which is perfect for any retro games you might be playing.

18. “Good Times” by Tobu [link]

This track will give your game a feeling of relaxation and happiness with its electronic sounds. This song would work well for games where you need music to make the player feel like they’re in an ideal situation or when things are going better than expected.


These are just a few of the many royalty-free songs that are perfect for games. They each have their unique sound, which is why it’s important to listen to as many tracks as possible when you’re trying to find what kind of song will work best with your game or story.

If you need more options, check out Stream Lofi. The website has awesome copyright-free music for gamers. You can download the music on Stream Lofi and YouTube for free.