Download Copyright Free Music for Coffee Shops

Copyright Free Music for Coffee Shops

Download Copyright Free Music for Coffee Shops

To download copyright-free music for your coffee shop, you will first need to find the music you want to use. You can find a large variety of music on sites like Stream Lofi and Creative Commons, organized by genre, artist, or composer. Most of this music is available on Spotify and YouTube. So if you have an account there, it will be easy to download the music.

It is no secret that music can have an impact on mood, which is why it is important to find the perfect tunes for your coffee shop. There are many websites out there that offer copyright-free music downloads specifically for coffee shops.

At Stream Lofi, we have a wide range of genres to choose from. Our music is completely copyright-free, so you can use it any way you want without worrying about copyright strikes. You can download our music on Spotify and YouTube but both do need premium subscriptions.

Below, we list some of the best copyright-free music for coffee shops. We will also show you how to download Stream Lofi music on Spotify.

Best Copyright Free Music for Coffee Shops

This list contains five playlists with some nice, relaxing, copyright-free music. These playlists are perfect for most coffee shop settings and will keep your customers happy with the music that is playing in the background.

Important: Please keep in mind as of the posting of this article all this music is copyright-free, at times this can change so please double-check. Keep in mind all Stream Lofi is copyright free and this won’t change but we can’t speak for others.

1. Stream Relaxing Lofi Music – Playlist by Stream Lofi

This playlist has 43 relaxing tracks that are perfect for coffee shops. The songs are not too fast, but they are still upbeat enough to keep you awake. You will find a wide variety of genres on this playlist, from Rap to Indie. The playlist is 2 hours and 15 minutes long.

2. Coffee House Jazz – Playlist by Relax Music Meditation

This one-and-half-hour-log coffee house jazz music playlist is perfect for those that want some jazz to go with their coffee. The playlist has some nice jazz music that will leave your customers feeling relaxed. If you are a jazz lover or have customers who like relaxing music, then this playlist might be perfect for you.

3. Background Cafe Music – Playlist by Unwind Station

This is a two-hour playlist with some nice background music for a coffee shop. The songs in there will not only keep you awake but will also help soothe your customers. The jazz playlist has a large variety of tracks and is perfect for those that need some variety in their music. These songs are also not too fast, so they will keep your customers from getting restless while waiting for their coffee.

4. Relaxing Coffee House Music – Playlist by Relax Music Meditation

Another great playlist for those that love a mixture of genres is this one-hour-long playlist on Relax Music Meditation. The songs here are all relaxing and perfect to play while your customers sip their coffee or tea.

5. Relaxing Music- Playlist by Max Relax

With nice, relaxing music, this one-hour playlist is perfect for those that need some alone time as they relax and sip their coffee. The songs have a nice tempo with a variety of genres, including jazz and classical. You won’t go wrong with this playlist.

These are just a few playlists that are perfect for the coffee house setting. If you need more playlists, check out Stream Lofi, where we have hundreds of different playlists that are perfect for coffee shops.

How to download Copyright-Free Music on Spotify

First, make sure you have Spotify downloaded on your computer or phone. Next, we can just go to a playlist of copyright-free music – here is Stream Lofi’s playlist.

Then just click the down arrow that is in a circle like a screenshot and it will download them to your computer.

How to play Copyright-Free Music on Spotify Non-Stop

First, make sure you have Spotify downloaded on your computer or phone. Next, we can just go to a playlist of copyright-free music – here is Stream Lofi’s playlist.

Click play on the song you want to start as shown in 1. in the screenshot. Once it starts playing click 2 till it shows repeat. It will then play in order, if you would like to shuffle it then click shuffle which is 3 in the screenshot.

Why Background Music in Coffee Shops Matters

Apart from keeping your customers relaxed, background music comes with many other benefits. They include the following among others:

It Increases Customer Satisfaction

Background music in coffee shops can increase customer satisfaction. Music is a big part of the atmosphere in any establishment, so if you provide music for your customers, they will be more satisfied and likely to come back again.

It Improves Mood

Music plays an important role in our moods, as it stimulates both the mind and body with different types of stimuli that have been shown to improve or damage people’s moods depending on how relaxing or upbeat the song is. This means background music has an impact on their drinking experience and overall impression of your shop.

It Influences Expenditure

Playing nice music can help increase customer spending. Studies have shown that people will spend more money when they are happy, so playing upbeat music can encourage customers to buy more food and drinks from your establishment.

It Improves Worker Productivity

Research has found that the background noise of music helps workers feel better for increased productivity and work satisfaction. Employees with lower stress levels tend to be higher performers than those who don’t listen to any type of music at all while on their shift.

You may also consider playing classical or light jazz while your employees drink coffee during break time because it creates a positive setting that leads them to feel refreshed instead of tired after lunchtime, as well as making them more productive throughout the day.

It Increases Customer Patience

Playing soothing music in your coffee shop can help customers not get as restless while waiting for their orders, enabling them to be more patient and relaxed. This is great if you have many people waiting to order at the same time or are running out of seats because it helps reduce line-ups and potential arguments that may arise from those wanting caffeine fixes.

It Increases Customer Retention

Apart from increased satisfaction, background music has been shown to lead to higher customer retention levels by making customers want to return again and again due to its calming effects on both mind and body, whether through listening or even just being exposed passively.

With these benefits of background music in a coffee shop, why not go ahead and download copyright-free music? You can easily find great playlists on Stream Lofi. The list above also provides some awesome options to keep your customers relaxed.


You can easily download copyright-free music for your coffee shop. It is hassle-free, and you will find that the music has more benefits than you may have thought it had. 

Give these playlists a listen and see if they are the right fit for your coffee shop.